Shared Services: New Frontiers – And Risks

Genpact has a neat graphic (right) on the three generations of a Shared Services Organization (SSO) in a paper for the European SSON Week next month.

Genpact echoes Deloitte on the strategic challenges:

“Businesses around the globe are finding it challenging to take their Shared Services Centers to the next level. Across the board, few SSCs have delivered the full value envisioned by CFOs and finance directors.”

Genpact makes the case for going hybrid, for working with a strategic global partner to deliver the full potential of shared services.

Which may be a great idea. But here’s two reasons why investing in a process management platform should be the #1 priority:

it provides an SSO service management framework – across all three SSO generations. It enables effective collaboration among the stakeholders, both within and outside the enterprise. It orchestrates the design and implementation of change.

it mitigates partnership risk. It allows the SSO to work closely with its strategic partner – and to adopt a multisourcing strategy where appropriate – while ensuring that the SSO always remains in control.  It ensures, for instance, that you never have to buy back your own processes.

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Global Shared Services: Building The Brand

It’s interesting how rapidly the quality of the customer experience is racing up the strategic agenda for leaders of Shared Services Organizations (SSO) and Global Business Services (GBS) units.

Deloitte’s 2011 Global Survey noted the need for any SSO to promote itself effectively – to overcome resistance, and to secure buy-in, by getting closer to its customers.

On the webinar with HfS yesterday, Ron Walker of KPMG went further, stressing brand development as one of the keys to GBS success:

“How you manage the GBS brand is critical. Any GBS has to sell itself, and to show quick wins.”

The perfect backdrop for my plug for an SSON-hosted webinar next month. Building on experience with a range of clients, I want to show how Nimbus provides a platform for SSO and GBS organizations to deliver continuous excellence – including an outstanding customer experience.

There’s an interesting prelimary discussion, of course, about what we even mean by the ‘customer experience’ in this context.

Deloitte has suggested a useful  distinction between the SSO’s client – meaning the exec team buying the SSO’s services – and the SSO’s customer – meaning the day-to-day users of the SSO’s services.

Clearly ‘an outstanding customer experience’ has to deliver for both the SSO’s clients and its service user customers…

[just fyi – in the typical shared services and outsourcing journey for most organizations, GBS units may be the final stage beyond an SSO, but for all practical purposes, I take SSO and GBS to be interchangeable terms in this context].

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