This is a blog about the craft of process excellence in the real world.  It’s not about any particular product or methodology. It’s about translating the goals of process excellence and continuous improvement into operational reality.

I see process, properly conceived, as a universal business language that enables effective collaboration across the enterprise. And so process management is about the beating heart of the organization, the platform that underpins and orchestrates the joined-up enterprise. Properly executed, it enables agility while ensuring compliance.

These are deceptively simple ideas.  The reality of course is that there is still a very long way to go for most organisations. That journey is what this blog is about.

There’s a craft of enterprise process excellence emerging.  This is the tale of one process artisan.  I hope it’s useful and would be delighted to make it interactive, so do please get in touch if you’d like to contribute, and tell me when you think I’m talking tosh.

FYI – I’ve worked in this space for over a decade – at Savvion, Nimbus, TIBCO and most recently Process Operandi.

Mike Gammage

email: michael.gammage@gmail.com

PS I’ve adopted Oxford spelling. I’m a Brit based in Berkshire, England. Oxford spelling is the style guide for the UN and its agencies – so it seems like a reasonable compromise.


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