GBS: Governance Challenges

Hats off to governance professionals for their refreshing candour. Just 4% of them say that they are certain about the value that they bring to their business according to The Future of Governance,  recently published by KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Institute.

It’s not difficult to see why. First off, there’s the perennial challenge of explaining how governance adds value. As Julie Hutchins, formerly a leader of Nestlé Business Services (and now with KPMG), put it in a separate  case study:

“My biggest struggle was to explain what I did every day, and why it added value. How do you assess the value of not letting things fall apart?”

There’s the impact too on governance best practices of the ‘traditional’ disruptors – cloud, social, mobile, and analytics.

But, beyond these, there are other significant developments impacting governance. The onward march of global business services often mashes up shared services and outsourcing silos, requiring redefinitions of governance.  Risk management and compliance are also more embedded in business operations than ever before.  The demands for faster cycle times, increased agility, faster innovation and continuous improvement are also challenging how governance is conceived and delivered.

All of which surely re-confirms the strategic value of an enterprise platform for managing change; one that is owned and embraced by the business because it’s written in the everyday language of end-to-end process, and deployed within a governance wrapper that meets the needs of all the stakeholders.

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