What’s The Best Process Maturity Model?

Excuse my blatant crowdsourcing but I’m working on an evaluation of Process Excellence (PEX) Maturity Models – and need to be sure that I’ve rounded up the complete set.

This is the follow-on to my earlier post on what we mean by Process Excellence. The questions I’m asking now are:

  • How do PEX Maturity Models compare?
  • How might an organization decide which one is best?

I’m focussing on models or frameworks which purport to measure PEX from an enterprise-wide and holistic perspective.

So I’m excluding models which may cover PEX, and which some might therefore consider should be in scope, on the grounds that:

  • they are IT-centric (examples would be the ITIL and COBIT frameworks, the IVI’s IT Capability Maturity Framework, Gartner’s IT Maturity Models and Forrester’s e-Business Maturity Model)
  • they have a functional focus (such as the COSO framework, Forrester’s GRC Maturity Model, the HfS Global Business Services Maturity Model and the numerous supply chain models)
  • they are not currently intended to be enterprise-wide frameworks (which, possibly controversially, excludes the CMMI Acquisition, Development and Services Models)
  • they may be part of PEX heritage but are not used in practice today (examples would be the Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM) developed by Curtis and Weber, which formed the foundation for the OMG’s BPMM, and the University of Queensland’s Holistic BPM Maturity Model).

All of which leaves just nine wholegrain enterprise-wide PEX Maturity Models in scope:

APQC’s Business Process Management Maturity Assessment Tool (BPM MAT)

Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

Deloitte’s Business Maturity Model

EFQM Excellence Model

Global Process Innovation’s Business Process Management Maturity Assessment Tool

Hammer and Company’s Process and Enterprise Maturity Model (PEMM)

MWD Advisors’ Business Process Management Capability Benchmark Tool

OMG’s Business Process Maturity Model v1.0 (BPMM)

Shingo Model for Operational Excellence

I think this is complete. And I’ve checked it against the University of Ghent’s Business Process Maturity Model Smart Selector (here) which is an awesome idea – and lists 60+ BPMMs.

But have I missed anyone?  Your thoughts and comments much appreciated, as ever.  The results will be reported here, hopefully later this month.

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