Accenture’s Mark George on Lean Six Sigma and BPM

If you need convincing that the convergence of Lean Six Sigma with Business Process Management (BPM) is fast becoming mainstream, check out the interview just published on PEX Network with Mark George of Accenture.

Acknowledging that “For many organizations, Lean and Six Sigma have run their course”, Accenture’s global leader for Operations and Process Transformation continues:

“What companies need to understand is that the components of Lean Six Sigma are necessary but they’re not sufficient.  Recently we have seen a shift towards the concepts of BPM.

If you look at complex organisations that  need to drive an intersection between process and technology, BPM does a great job.  It also does a great job in establishing governance, what we call the process of process management, where you actually treat your processes as though they were capital assets and you proactively manage them toward a predefined future end state as opposed to just a lot of disparate reactive problem solving.

So managing a process like an asset is a very prudent and virtuous thing to do, but a lot of organisations don’t  understand the business case behind BPM or think that it can only be technology driven or it’s exclusively technology dependent.  That isn’t the case.”

He’s right of course – and though it’s not explicit here, this grand coming together will extend beyond Lean Six Sigma and BPM to bring in at least three other wandering tribes as well: IT, Risk Management and Compliance.

That an Accenture managing partner is saying this seems a bit of a milestone on the way to acceptance of enterprise process management as the orchestrating platform that enables effective collaboration on transformation and improvement, thereby underpinning the twin strategic goals of agility and compliance.

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