Lean Six Sigma, May I Introduce IT?

In case you missed it – I did, and just caught up with the webinar recording – Bruce Williams gave a cracking presentation earlier this week: The Great Lean Six Sigma Reboot.

His description of the mutual scepticism between IT and the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) community (summarised in his slide below) is spot on.

He may be a Pega VP but he should have been a marriage counsellor.  He has home truths for both sides. He’s persuasive in showing how they are in fact natural partners. And he makes a great case that BPM is emerging as the natural bridge between them.

It’s unbelievably visionary for most organizations of course but if IT can work at the speed of Kaizen, then the LSS community can deliver enterprise-scale sustainable improvements.

He also neatly positions the iBPMS where I think it fits best: as the real-time, dynamic enterprise platform for collaboration and orchestration, sprinkling pixie dust over the core systems of record and systems of execution.

[I have no connection with Pega Systems. It’s just a standout contribution]

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One thought on “Lean Six Sigma, May I Introduce IT?

  1. Mike – Given the apparent divide between IT and LSS communities – I’m curious to know if you or your readers can provide insight to this question? I read in The Forrester Wave™: BPM Suites, Q1 2013 that organisations that invest in BPM suites typically fail to expand use beyond 2 or 3 departmental solutions. Has this been your experience? What held you back from achieving enterprise wide deployment of a BPMS?

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