New Horizons: Process 2020

The last time I started a business, we found ourselves, twelve months later and after repaying every cent due, homeless and penniless – and with two children under two years old.

I bounced back immediately with a new knock-out business idea.  Not. But with the support of family and friends, we slowly rebuilt. We were older, wiser and rather more risk averse.

So it’s a huge tribute to my wife’s courage that here I am doing it again.  And this time, I’m happy to add, with the enthusiastic support of our sons, now in their mid-20s.

My new venture, Process Operandi, is intended to be a home for world-class and independent expertise on process and operational excellence. It’s early days of course but promising. [I’m hoping we can keep the house this time round 😉 ].

I’ve worked for most of this century in business process management – at Savvion, Nimbus and TIBCO.  And I’ve been fortunate to work with some awesome clients, partners and colleagues, from whose creativity and generosity I have benefited enormously.

What did I learn?  A decade in, and at a transition point like this, seems like a natural time for reflection. And especially as, in some ways, I’ve been an eyewitness. There’s been a sea change in ‘business process management’ in the last decade and, in many ways, Nimbus has been at the eye of the storm.

So I’m going to share some personal reflections – on what I’ve learned, and what I think it means for the future – in a series of three Process 2020 posts. They start this Thursday 12 September with some 20:20 hindsight: Business Process Management’s Lost Decade.

I hope they’ll be of interest – and look forward as ever to your comments.

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