We Need To Talk – About The ITO Contract

Alsbridge this week launches a promising series of eBooks, based on conversations with 250 IT leaders across Europe.

The first edition We Need To Talk focusses on why so many IT outsourcing relationships are in a sorry state. IT leaders and their suppliers ‘are in danger of falling out of love’.

Alsbridge offers some wise advice about how to prepare for a successful renegotiation, or a supplier switch.

But what’s missing, or understated, it seems to me, is the potential value of a process management platform as the starting point for that preparation. It can ensure that business requirements, roles and responsibilities are crystal clear at every stage – not just at contract signature but during the detailed analysis of scenarios as well.

More importantly, it provides a platform for effective collaboration beyond the deal.  Which is especially significant when almost half of IT leaders want to drive innovation jointly with their suppliers and to implement new delivery models, many of which will be multi-sourced.

Alsbridge notes that the contract isn’t everything: The most successful outsourcing relationships are true partnerships, based on values and longer-term perspectives that underpin effective collaboration.  The process management platform can just make that easier.

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