Process Platforms and Collagen Scaffolds

_66965345_asdWorking this week with the incoming exec team at a recent acquisition on a soup-to-nuts transformation programme to re-focus and   re-structure a financial services business.

Reading on the train beforehand – sounds odd but stick with me – this week’s news on artificial kidney transplants, there’s an interesting parallel.

How do grow a transplant kidney in the lab? You take an old kidney and strip it of its cells, leaving just the honeycomb-like collagen scaffold. You then build the new kidney onto the collagen scaffold using cells taken from the patient.

Which is kind of like building a new, healthier business model by stripping a business back to its essentials and then building a new, more profitable and ambitious business.

The collagen scaffold for the enterprise is the process management platform. The end-to-end business processes that it describes and integrates are the honeycomb-like scaffold upon which, layer upon layer, the business is built, and transformed.

Attempting in the past to find a metaphor to explain what we mean by a process management platform, I’ve suggested parallels with the double helix, with a TV news scheduling system, even with an orchestral score. But the collagen scaffold may be the best analogy yet. Arguably, it fits within the spirit of Gartner’s evolving definition of BPM as well.

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