The Process Team Quietly Demolishing Silos

iStock_000002428072XSmallA shout out, on behalf of stockholders, for all the unsung heroes in process excellence.

This is the story of one:  the Head of Process Excellence in a global organization on a 7-year transformation program after rapid growth through acquisition. One of its strategic goals is to break down the silos and ensure more effective collaboration.

In his role as the final QA, my friend is under huge pressure to sign off the To-Be processes. But he’s refusing because there’s fog where there should be a clear line of sight.  The Global Process Owners are content within their silos and happy to fudge. They don’t welcome the clarity that will embed the changes.

It’s tough. In many circumstances, it could be career-limiting.  My friend has executive support, for now at least.  But there’s a lot of flak, with accusations flying of a major re-organization being obstructed by ‘process nerds who think their maps are more important’.

That’s process leadership.

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