The Risks In Social Without Governance

RadarIf I were a Chief Risk Officer, I’d definitely have social on my radar.

There’s a huge enthusiasm for collaboration and a fascination with the tools and platforms that enable it. The ‘Shareconomy’ was voted the keynote theme at the world’s biggest trade fair, CeBIT, this month.

Which is great. Essential and exciting in fact. But midst the revolutionary fervour, it’s easy to overlook governance. Not completely, of course, but to allow roles, responsibilities and accountability to blur in the excitement; to relax rigour in the quest for agility; and to permit a cultural slide into ‘governance-lite’ as the new default.

Unleash social without a complete and joined-up model of the enterprise – one that is owned and embraced by the business – and it’s the stuff of CRO nightmares. Without the right process management platform in place, it’s not just easier to incubate a black swan, it’s quicker.

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