Process Resistance

I see two kinds of resistance to joined-up process thinking. Sometimes it’s a failure of imagination. People who can’t imagine that things could be significantly better. The opposite of visionary.

More often though, there is understanding of the potential – but a wilful decision not to embrace it. Now resistance may be justified in some circumstances. But most often it’s just an aversion to rigour, accountability and a long-term perspective.

I was in a GBS leadership team discussion recently at a Fortune 500 company. The Head of HR heard the pitch, and the mixed responses from around the table, then summed it up perfectly for her colleagues:

“We may not like it necessarily – but this discipline is exactly what we need.”

Moving an entire GBS organization to a new way of working requires significant and sustained effort, and continuing executive sponsorship.

But without this new way of working, this GBS organization cannot safely deliver its ambitious growth targets.  It reconciles the tension between its twin objectives: to expand at pace, delivering substantial savings and sustained service innovations over the next five years, and to ensure compliance in a highly regulated environment.

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