Mapping The Stakeholders In GBS Success

I sat down with a recently-launched and highly ambitious Global Business Services (GBS) team to map all the stakeholders who will need to be engaged to ensure their success.  We rapidly filled the whiteboard (below – disguised!).

GBS Stakeholders

It’s an extraordinary number of people,  across multiple functions and regions.  And this is not just about preparing for the launch for this particular GBS. This is about ongoing collaboration – and its scope is only going to expand as this GBS scales up on its five year program.

This organization intends to adopt Nimbus to enable the collaboration across these diverse stakeholders that will be required to deliver outstanding service for its clients. Frankly, it’s difficult to see how else you could do it.

End-to-end process – in the language of the business – is becoming the universal business language.  Wrapped within a robust governance framework, and delivered to users in way that supports them in doing real work, it’s the platform that can ensure effective collaboration across the complex and dynamic service delivery environments faced by most GBS organizations.

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