Dealing With ERP Hangover (MyERPia)

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Dear Dr Process,

I have a $200m ERP hangover.  The business case promised standard global processes. Two years in, it seems that the real world isn’t just vanilla?  Now the CEO wants me in his office on Friday afternoon, with all my belongings in a box.  I can’t help being worried.

Thanking you in advance,

Name and address supplied

Dear Friend,

First of all, don’t worry – this sort of situation is far more common than you’d think. Many companies make a complete hash of their big systems implementations. It’s a form of short-sightedness (the technical term is MyERPia) where end-to-end vision is lost due to the growth of silos.

One part doesn’t know what the other parts are doing, or they have no common communication protocol, so the pathways are blocked. Each part works very hard but they’re not coordinated so the organization progresses at a snail’s pace.

The tragedy is that MyERPia is easily prevented. By using a collaborative framework for process management and performance improvement, organizations can design and deploy global standard processes but create and manage regional variants where they are required. They can even synchronise business and IT views so that they see properly, in stereo perspective.

As ever, there are alternative approaches.  They are unproven clinically but sworn by many to be effective. The most popular, known as ‘AvoidTheFan’, requires regular rotation between roles. Another one, known as ‘Revisionism’, involves the use of a powerful potion, which dissolves the original business case and re-writes it as a complete success.  This is best administered by a qualified systems integration partner.

There have been promising trials of a new treatment – a two-year-after pill called BlameSIandStartAgain (why do they give them these long Latin names?) –  which may work in your case.

Thanks for getting in touch. Good luck, stay cheerful and don’t forget your LinkedIn password because you might need it this weekend.


The Process Doctor

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